TaoTAO Healing opens the door to your Heart and Soul. The session starts with an introduction and a brief explanation about Tao. We then continue with Energy massage and the healing of your body and mind. The purpose is to open your energy channels and bring your head, heart and yoni in alignment. This may evoke all kinds of emotions and sensations, all of which are welcome. Since our cells store memory, there may be moments of experiencing pain or discomfort, and releasing emotions or sounds, but this is normal and if you have had negative experiences or a trauma in the past, this can be deeply healed.

It is possible that the massage inactivates your energy so deeply that you can release everything. I have no expectations of you other than to help you feel and to guide you on your journey. It is my goal to let you feel and experience a pure, loving energy.

As the session comes to an end, I will quietly let you relax so that you can be fully within yourself and enjoy the sensations in your body.