Over Ela1You are done with the past, the pain, the grief and anxiety? You want to feel good and fully embody your unique wholeness? Experience Tao healing…

My name is Ela and I’m inviting you on a journey towards greater self-love, self-awareness, expansion and awakening of your sacred energy. Experience your body, heart, and mind through activation of your Divine essence during a Tao massage, Tantric massage.

Tao massage comprises various techniques from different schools of massage with elements taken from yoga, bioenergetics and tantric massage. The development of Tao massage was strongly influenced by the Taoist esoteric healing as taught by Mantak Chia.
Both Tao massage, Tao yoga and chi kung stem from the Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian philosophy and provide access to higher levels of consciousness and awakening in your true nature.

The recipient of a massage takes a passive part in the process, which does not allow sexual touching of the therapist. The therapist is always dressed and the recipient receives the massage on a massage table. The process combines the sense of well-being with deep relaxation, and sometimes with a therapeutic confrontation of deeper problems.

The recipient of Tao massage can take the massage to a deeper level by practicing breathing exercises, Tao yoga and chi kung at home. The result is a deep rhythmic breathing and a calm meditative state of mind through coordinating slow flowing movement.